Prospect Training

Project details: It’s not everyday that we get to furnish a classical period style property with fantastic quality real wood veneer reproduction furniture, but when Janice Black, the owner of Prospect Training decided to refurbish her companies head office and training centre, we knew it would be a very interesting, yet unusual project. The traditional surroundings are now perfectly complimented by handmade Pippy Oak and crossbanded walnut veneers.

Fluted detailing, birdcage leg sections and antique leather seating only serve to add to the incredible'quality feel' of the project. Indeed, many of the techniques used during manufacture are exactly the same as would of been used many years ago.

Handmade by craftsmen in the true sense of the word, the results are testimony to the hard work of our entire team, but especially our furniture manager Haydn Stacey, who ensured throughout that the many items of bespoke furniture met the clients expectations and specification perfectly.

Prospect TrainingProspect Training

Prospect Training

I can't praise Intec Office Systems enough. From the very outset, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to achieve and we knew it wouldn't be easy but the fantastic quality and the end result far exceeds anything we could of ever dreamed of.

Janice Black - Managing Director.

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