Office Planning

We'll help transform your office so it not only looks better, but it will actually work better too. Your work place will soon be full of happier more productive staff and be inspiring clients from the moment they step in the building. Better work spaces can actually help to transform your business productively.

You can either visit us, or we'll come to you and discuss your requirements. We can offer as much or as little advice as you need. We can give free advice on how to use our workspace you currently have, talk about possible desk and storage layouts, and work through budget expectations and time scales all without any obligation. We can also measure your office and take digital photos if necessary so we've got everything ready for the next stage - planning!
We can put together an initial proposal that includes a simple 2D scale plan showing your office layout. For more involved projects, we can produce stunning rendered 3 Dimensional drawings that show you in great detail exactly how your finished office will look.

We offer a free local office furniture and installation service, and nationwide deliveries and installs can be easily arranged subject to project size. When we leave your premises, any desks, storage units, tables or chairs are left fully assembled and ready to sue.

We give genuine 'value for money' combined with excellent quality and friendly customer service where nothing is too much trouble. Call one of our office interior specialists today on 01302 830330 to see how we can help, and make your office 'really work' for you.


7 Golden Rules When Planning Your Office

1. Natural light makes for a far more productive workspace, and it should be used and enhanced wherever possible. In darker offices, use lighter colours on walls, desks and chairs that can reflect up to 50% more light.
2. Think about how power sockets and data cables will be fed to each desk. Power and data cables need to be separated to prevent data corruption. Reduce ‘cable clutter' by using desks with full cable management systems.
3. Doors, fire exits, and gangways must always be kept clear at all times. Allow plenty of space for people to sit behind desks, as well as get in and out. Storage must always be fully accessible with either the doors open or with the drawers fully extended.
4. If you feel confident, plan your office on graph paper. For small offices, use a scale of 1:50. For larger offices, you may need to use 1:100. However, do remember we offer a free planning service and we'll give free advice for any size of project without obligation.
5. Producing a ‘mood board' will ensure that when put together, all the elements give an attractive overall blend. Use the same amounts of each colour as will be used in the finished office. Pull accent colours together with small details like pictures, letter trays or desktop accessories.
6. Interior plants, interesting pictures and soft furnishings will add warmth to your office. Office lighting should be indirect, soft and adequately diffused. It should complement natural lighting levels, otherwise it can produce both tension and eye strain. A good supportive office chair is a must!
7. Ask for advice from an office interiors specialist. Our advice is free and friendly, whether it's a total office refit or you simply need a single office desk or chair.
  Speak to one of our office furniture team on 01302 830330 - We're here to help