The Environment

Caring for the Environment

The 'CarbonSMART' environment agency has awarded us their highly acclaimed Gold accreditation in recognition of our successful carbon reduction program. SInce 2006, we've had an environmental plan that helps us reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate a long-term envrionmental business strategy that will deliver real benefits for us all!

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

We recycle your old inkjet and laser toner cartridges FREE! simply order your replacement inkjet or laser cartridge and when we deliver it, just send the old one back with our driver. We'll then send it for recycling and donate a minimum of 20p per cartridge to Cancer Research UK... By working together, we can really make a difference!

A Greener Supply Chain

We use local manufacturers and distributors as much as possible to avoid using harmful long distance transportation. It's no coincidence that our £300 million wholesale operation and the majority of our manufacturing partners are based in Yorkshire and Humberside. We believe that whenever possible, we should support our local business community!

Better, More Ethical Choices

We've introduced over 2,500 recycled and green products to our range in the last 12 months alone. By promoting recycled products alongside ethical brands such as Fairtrade and Café-Direct, we seek to give buyers more choice whilst helping to improve trade and general working conditions for people who work in poor or disadvantaged communities.

A Better Future For Us All

Through our partnership with CarbonSMART, our envrionmental impact is measured and assessed every year. By doing so, we've successfully reduced our baseline Carbon emissions by a massive 12% in the last year alone. Further more, we've recently committed to reducing our overall CO2 output by another 15% within the next two years!

Making a Difference

We have installed highly efficent, low energy lighting throughout our entire building and fitted movement sensors within the kitchen and toilet areas. By sensing body heat, these sensors save electricity by turning the lights off whenever they're not needed. This helps us to reduce our Carbon footprint and it saves us money too.

If you’d like to know more about CarbonSMART, or our ongoing long-term commitment to reducing our environmental impact, please call us today on 01302 830330.